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OcockDesigns is.....

a locally designed and created site, that will have information and content pertaining to the Waller siblings and their extended family.  There will also be content pertaining to their home, Ocracoke Island.

Please visit the OcockDesigns Guest Registry, and let us know what you think.

OcockDesigns site updates.....

There will be occational updates to the site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first.


created designs for Clam Digger & Flounder Gigger Charters to make printed promotions and a Facebook page for people to keep up with the creator of the business, Marcus Lawson. after they have enjoyed his services.

OcockDesigns also offers.....

a place where people can come to get graphic design work done: Logos, Page Layouts, Photo Touchups and other graphic design services.

OcockDesigns can be contacted through our e-mail.

OcockDesigns will also offer....

a local information page that will cover local news and upcoming events, that may be considered important to people interested in information about the goings on of Ocracoke Island.

Anyone wanting to ad news worthy items can send a request to the OcockDesigns e-mail.

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